Tuesday, November 30, 2004

first off, it's a very sad day. ken jennings lost. *moment of silence*

i got greg and kym hooked on those 9 piece puzzles. they get something to do and they provide me with plenty of entertainment.

went to the women's basketball game tonight vs. utsa. it was a close game at first, but then A&M blew them out. i rode the bus over there and got there like 35 minutes before the game started, but i didn't want to walk and it was the last bus running. plus getting there early got me a free t-shirt. i almost had another one when they were throwing them out, but it was just out of my reach and brandi got it. i spent money on food at the game, which i shouldn't have, but i was hungry. after the game brandi gave me a ride home so i got lucky and didn't have to walk either way. that was a good thing cuz it's cold here. and of course i was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

i register in the morning and have no idea what i'm going to take. i'm really not feeling this school thing.

what should i major in? any suggestions?

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