Saturday, November 12, 2005

I stayed up Thursday night until about 7:30am then passed out. By the grace of God I woke up at 9am and was able to have breakfast before my test. I had to rush through my test so I could make it to work by 11am. I took University to work, where there's still construction going on around Pei Wei. And just my luck it was mud along one part of the sidewalk, so as I rode through that part the back of my pants got covered in mud. It was a LONG day at work, and the people just wouldn't stop coming. At one point it was a line of about 30 people waiting outside the restaurant. I'm glad that I at least got to work with cool people the most of the night. It was one of those nights when I didn't even want to stay and close cuz my feet were killing me. But we finished up around 11pm and then I had a long bike ride home. I stayed up a little while, but then just passed out on my bed.

Somehow I woke up this morning just in time to go to a 5k fun run at an intermediate school. I'd left my phone on vibrate so I really don't know how I woke up. This run didn't go as well as the last one. I didn't feel good from the start and coming down the final stretch, my body just died on me and wouldn't let me continue. Marlene, Askia, and I came back and ate and watched part of the A&M football game, which started off terribly. We'll see how it ends. But for now I think it's time to pass out again.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I ended up watching The Sandlot 1 and 2. Then it was a Fresh Prince Marathon, which is on until 5am. Working was supposed to keep me on a schedule, but my body just doesn't want me to sleep at night, so it looks like there will be no schedule for me.

There's a lot on my mind that I want to write about, but for some reason I won't take out time for myself, which I know I need to do. Hopefully I will soon because I could really use it. But for now, it's off to bed so I can try to get something productive done before work tomorrow.

For the nerds out there:

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I finally didn't have to close last night, and then I got today off. But what'd I do with my day off? I woke up at 8am to go do a 5k so called fun run. I rode my bike over to Reed as a warm-up and met up with Marlene and Chance over there. I did better than I thought I would. I actually ran the whole way without stopping. I made it in 28:30 minutes so I was pleased with that. I guess I've remained in some kind of shape by riding my bike all the time. There's another 5k run next week so we'll see if I can do any better. I came back and got breakfast then crashed for a little while. I got up when Lindsay came to pick me up to go to the mall so I could get some more black pants. After that it was off to the Aggies basketball opener against the Arkansas Tech Wonderboys. Yea, a real tough sounding opponent. The first half was close for some reason, 40-30. But we outscored them 56-19 in the second half, which is how it should've been. They called to ask me if I wanted to go work tonight, and usually I would've, but I decided to enjoy my day off. Now I'll watch the Sandlot and be a bum the rest of the night.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two days ago they paired me with 4 other girls in support at work, only one of which had bussed before. And one girl was new that they told me I had to train. My first thoughts were it was going to be a very long night. But then after a little thinking, I thought it might be a good night, cuz they'd just go out and work and not stand around like some of the other bussers. It turned out to be the best night we'd had in awhile. They pre-bussed and bussed and kept up with everything. I was very proud at the end of the night. The teamwork was just excellent. The next couple of nights have run just as smoothly. We haven't gotten behind a single time since then even though we've stayed just as busy. It's been very refreshing cuz I had been getting stressed out.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's been rough, but I just don't care anymore. But I'll try to work something out. Everybody around me has been keeping my feet moving though because the motivation sure as hell isn't coming from within. I thank them for that.

I gotta get my faith back.

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