Sunday, February 20, 2005

I went to sleep because I was no longer happy. Now I'm awake again and I'm still not happy and it doesn't look like I will be tonight. I hope I'm wrong and something changes my mood, but it doesn't seem that way. Maybe I should just go back to sleep after the nba all-star game goes off.
The all-star activities were better than I thought that they'd be. Phoenix almost swept the night. Shawn Marion, Diana Taurasi and Dan Majerle blew through the shooting challenge. Steve Nash ran, shot, and passed his way through the skills challenge. Q Rich caught fire and drained his last 9 shots to edge Kyle Korver in the 3 point shoot-out. Amare used Nash's soccer skills to impress the crowd. But in the end it was the Rookie, Josh Smith, who wowed the audience with three 50 point dunks, includng a tribute to Dominique, to claim the dunk contest title. It's safe to say that the all-star weekends are alive and well again. J.R. Smith's first dunk was a dunk that I've dreamed of doing before, but didn't quite think it was really possible. I was very impressed with it.

My momma and Marlene came over to eat before my momma left town. My momma and I were into bowling, which was on tv, but Marlene wasn't into it. But it was a great match that went into a sudden death roll-off. Now for the Cosby marathon.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

My momma came into town and we went out to eat and then did some grocery shopping. It was nice seeing my momma, especially since I haven't been home this semester. After that I got ready and Marlene, Daarina and I rode over to Reed Arena for Greek Olympiad. It was very good. The Delta's from A&M got first in the sorority division while the Alpha's from UH got first in the fraternity division. Marlene and I stayed for the after party for a little while, but parties with Greeks is them doing their line dancing and the non-greeks standing around. We left and I ordered me a cheeseless pizza from Antonio's. Now I'll watch my nba events from earlier today. They better be good.
For some reason my body is just sore. This sucks.

Friday, February 18, 2005

I got out to Rudder about 9am expecting to help set stuff up, but no. Instead they needed us from 11am-2pm to try to get people to fill out forms so the army could send them some information. I went to breakfast with Jeannie and chilled until 11am. I didn't really feel like trying to have people fill out the form, because that's not really my thing, but once I started I got more into it and since they were playing hip-hop music the black people started gathering around so it was fun. As the time passed my feet and lower back started hurting. Oh well, we got off work and I got $50 and some free stuff so it was worthwhile. MSC box office was selling tickets to Greek Olympiad so I got tickets for Marlene and myself. I got food that I'll eat now and I should sleep, but somehow I'm not that tired.
I just got done watching the movie Ray. That was one good ass movie. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know it was going to be that good. I absolutely LOVED the music. I'm glad I finally saw it.
I went out to play capture the flag with my sister and her co-workers mainly. The first game went by quick, because the teams were uneven. The teams were more even in the second game and that one took a little longer. It got a little boring that game though because the other team had almost there whole team just standing around the jail. A few people left after that game but the rest of us stayed for one more. That game took awhile also, but it was more fun. More running for me, which was good. I needed the exercise. It was 4 against 5 though, which isn't exactly fair, but it was cool. I was on the team with 4 and they had 2 memebers of my team in jail. I finally decided to just make a break for the jail to free them. I was past the first person and thought I had a clear path to the jail. Then out of nowhere Jeannie pops out. I figured I could get around her so try to make a sharp right turn, but it had been raining and the ground was slick, so my feet came right out from under me and I took a couple rolls on the ground scraping myself up. I scraped up my right forearm and my left knee. That sucked. But everybody just kind of stood around making sure I was okay, but none of them actually tagged me. So I got up and freed my team members from jail and grabbed one of their flags and took back off to my side. I got back and decided I'd gurad our last flag while the rest of my team went after their other flag. The next thing I know They have three people coming at me to get the flag. I tagged all three of them, but the jail became mobile since I wasn't walking them anywhere because that would give them a wide open chance to get our flag. It went on like that for a little bit while I had no clue where my team had gone. Finally we just called the game. We finished up about 1:30am. They plan on doing it again saturday so hopefully I can go play again then. Now I need to go find something to clean my scrapes with, because they're starting to sting.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I struggled through geography then came over to Marlene's. I crashed over here and did NOT want to wake up. I'm finally up now and it looks like I'm going to go play capture the flag now. Why? I don't really know. But hopefully it'll be fun.
I went to strength training and we were able to actually get a decent workout in today. That's a good thing, but it kind of sucks since it came on the day when I'm just out of it. Oh well. I met up with Marlene and Rudder Fountain after class and talked to her for a little while then it was off to logic. I wasn't ready for the quiz, but I think I may have someway pulled off a 60/60. It sucked because about 30 seconds after we got our quiz the fire alarm went off and everybody had to leave the building. Therefore instead of getting out of logic lab about 30 minutes early, I ended up getting out 5 minutes late. I walked to zachary because I felt like getting a chili dog. I had been wanting one for awhile, but when I went they either had hot dogs or chili, but not both. I ate there then went to spanish. All we did was vocabulary today. I was surprised that I stayed awake the whole time. It was probably because I was talking with Vivian most of the class. Now I'm debating whether or not to go to geography. I can barely keep my eyes open so I'm pretty sure that I would fall asleep if I went, so why not just fall asleep in my bed?
I finally got the studying done that I needed to, then I decided to watch a movie so I put on dodgeball. That movie is hilarious. "You're about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop." Greg and I got a great laugh out of that line. After that I still wasn't tired so I put on Ocean's Eleven until I finally fell asleep a little after 6 only to have to wake up at 7. I layed in bed a little longer then went to take my sociology test. It didn't seem too bad. I'm hoping for at least a B. I finished in about 30 minutes so I have time to eat now, which is good. I'll need all the energy I can to get through this day.
I really wanted Mcdonalds so I decided I was going to walk there. Clorissa, Kym, and Jeannie ended up going with me. We ate there and talked and had fun. Didn't feel like walking back, but we finally did. Now I'm not tired, but I should sleep, but I should study. What will I do though? I don't know yet. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I went to play pool, but I sucked it up at first because the A&M game had me in a very bad mood. I slowly got out of that mood though and my play picked up. Played 17 games and won 10. Not too too bad consisdering I was down 7-3. Now I wish I had somebody to take me to McDonalds, but I don't so I bought 4 lunchables instead.
A&M fuckin got killed tonight. They played like absolute shit the whole game. Of course I take basketball too seriously sometimes so now I'm in a bad mood. Fuck. I have to find some way to study tonight.
Classes weren't too bad today. I picked up the wrong book for CAEN so I had to hurry back after spanish lab to get the write book and do the work. Luckily we got out of spanish lab early so it all worked out. Now I'll eat and rest. Maybe I'll go workout before the A&M vs. UT game tonight. Hopefully it'll be a good one.
I took a nap until like 7:10pm then woke up and jogged to the rec for hip hop. They brought one of the people who started the hip hop program at A&M, Chee Chee. Now she's one hell of a dancer. She dances for Austin's hockey team, the Ice Bats. Plus she's danced at the Super Bowl and has her own dance group. She taught us our 3 8-counts for the day. She came in and was on point. Just BAM. BAM. BAM. She went through it quicker and her moves required us to be a lot sharper. But it was fun. I stayed for both hip hop classes and then Fade To Black, a dance group here, had practice and I stayed for that as well. Chee Chee also taught that today. I wasn't ready for that level though. She taught us a dance to the beginning of Ciara's 1-2 step. But I can't remember it all right now. That sucks, but hopefully I'll remember it and if not then I can ask Shay on thursday. I came back after over 3 hours of dance and hung out on the first floor for awhile. I went and got food from the commons and ate most of that. I was in a dancing mood so I was dancing down there for a large portion of the time. Now tv time and maybe some studying.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I was up all night like I knew I would be. I watched my usual shows on tv before switching and watching Finding Nemo on my computer. After that I watched Saved By The Bell then it was time for breakfast. I love going down and having Evelyn already know what I want. It makes me feel loved. It was a good breakfast and now I'll be off to sociology in awhile to watch some movie then health and strength training. Then I get to the part of the day I've been waiting for, I get to see Jeannie in her girl scouts outfit. Then hopefully a nap. I'm sure sociology will make me tired even though I'm wide awake right now.
In the end, I won't be enough. I never was.
I didn't get my nap in today so my sleeping schedule was thrown off. I layed on my bed and watched a couple episodes of the simpsons and then crashed. I knew I was going to and I also knew I was going to wake up around when I did. That sucks. Damn my sleeping schedule. Damn me. Looks like another long night.

Monday, February 14, 2005

I ended up going over to Marlene's after the Simpsons. I bought her a tulip then walked over to the northside. We went to return my book, but the store was closed. Then we realized we couldn't find the receipt. So yea...that didn't work out today. But we found the receipt after some searching so hopefully I can return it tomorrow. I had planned on just going over to Marlene's to return my book and then come back to my room and chill, but that short visit turned into a 4 hour stay. But it was cool hanging out with my sister, watching tv, doing her work, talking, eating. It was refreshing. Now I'm back in my room and feeling like doing nothing. I should've taken more advantage of yesterday to do work when I had so much energy.
I got up just before classes again. I went to them and payed attention for the most part. It was hard to keep my head up in logic though. I came back and ate even though I didn't feel like it, but I knew I needed to. Now I'm here when I need to be over on the other side of campus exchanging my geography book. Hopefully I'll go after the Simpsons.
This thought came across my mind earlier today and I just broke down. It was that I've always hung out with one of the smartest groups of friends around. A group that I wasn't smart enough to be in, but they accepted me in none the less, and I appreciate that very much. In order to keep up with them I set high goals for myself and I busted my ass to reach those goals. I started reaching a level that was close to those of my friends and felt good about it. But those goals that I set so high and achieved was what was expected from them. It was nothing big. They were always going to be a step or two ahead of me and I'm now realizing that. Now I'm here in college and my group of friends were able to turn it up another notch to succeed on this level, but I was already maxed out and no longer had another notch to turn it up. Therefore I see all my old friends succeeding and going on to do big things while I'm falling further and further behind. I try to find that next notch on my dial of knowledge and will power, but it's just not there. If I think about it, I haven't really learned anything here at college. Nothing that I can take away with me and use in the real world. This has caused me to think more and more about dropping out of college and just trying to find something else to do. Something that suited me better. Something that I could maybe succeed in. I just really don't know what to do. My mind tells me one thing, but my heart tells me something else. I'm at a point in my life where I really have no clue which road to travel down. I used to look up to God for the answers, but I haven't really talked to him lately. Why? Because I'm scared to. I've always told other people that there's no reason to be scared to talk to God. That he forgives you for anything that you've done and all you have to do is ask for his forgiveness. That he loves us so much that he died for us and is willing to forgive all of our sins. If I know all of this then why am I still scared to talk to him? Because I feel right now that I don't deserve God's love. That I've let him down too much just like I have all of the people who have had faith in me. I'm sorry to all of you. I'm sorry that I let you down. Where do I go from here? I guess that's something I'll have to figure out on my own. Until then I'll just keep going through all the motions here at college. I would say, wish me luck, but it'll take more than luck to get me through what I'm going through right now.
I was in my room and my side was kind of messy so I finally decided to clean it up. I think I did a pretty good job. I even made my bed.

This is now my side of the room

Unfortunately this is Greg's side of the room

after cleaning up my room I went down stairs and ended up going over my hip hop dance with kym and jeannie. after teaching them the first four or five eight counts, I worked on getting the rest of the dance down for myself. FINALLY, I got it right. The last part we learned ended with you acting like you were throwing something with your right hand. I was so mad that I couldn't get it, so when I finally knew I had it I threw my right hand out and just yelled out, "BITCH!" I was so glad to finally get it. Now I'm back in my room and I don't want to mess anything up because it's finally clean, but I guess I'll at least have to mess my bed up sooner or later.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Went out to eat at Chili's which, was good. I turned over my debit card to Marlene so I can't use it anymore. Now I'm back in my room and doing stuff on my computer because I don't feel like doing work. I want to work on my dance for hip hop, but I need to find a good place to do that.
Back in college station. It was a good weekend overall. I'll write more later. Now I'll go out to eat and spend more money. *lowers head*

Saturday, February 12, 2005

I don't know what's wrong with me. My stomach just started hurting like a bitch.

I didn't get much sleep last night. For some reason I woke up around 8am and couldn't go back to sleep. I just lay there thinking. Listening to other conversations, wishing things were different. We were supposed to go eat at 12:30pm, but of course it was much later than that when we finally went. We met up with Clare and Jerry to eat Thai food. I'm not big on thai food, but the teriyaki chicken that I had was good. Afterwards we were going to get tapioca, but Greg decided to get a haircut and daniel and ding wanted to go to the gym. Now I'm in the computer lab where I should be getting some work done. We'll see how that goes.

It's the simple things I miss the most.

If you say it, then do it.
It took us forever to get out of college station because some people are just slow. But we finally did. I slept most of the trip over to austin. we dropped clare off then headed to campus. we hung out in rose's room since sam and daniel were still at work. i ended up going to a reggae type club. it was fun for the most part, but the smoke started getting to me and my mood dropped. but i'm fine now.

i am too out of shape.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I did my laundry and finally got to sleep around 5am. I got up today and went to spanish. we almost tricked our prof into letting us out early, but he caught on. Now I'm back eating and need to pack, but I still have a little time.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I got to work at 9:30pm and Pat told us to just hang around until 10:15. I caught up with Lynn while waiting. We started work and it wasn't bad. The first truck went by pretty fast, but then there were two more. I SMASHED my finger loading the last thing into the first truck. That sucked. The second truck went by slower and was a pain to load, but the third truck was easy to load since everything was rectangular. I don't know why they told me 9:30pm to 12:00am. I actually worked from 10:15pm to 1:15am. But on my time card I put down 9:30pm to 1:45am, so it's all good. Now I'm back and need to do laundry, but I also need sleep. I'm glad I don't have class until 12:40 tomorrow.
I slept from when I got back from geography until 7pm. I somehow made myself get up and go to hip hop. It was fun, but the music seemed to be going fast and I was a step too slow tonight. I'm still glad I went though. Afterwards I went to best buy to pick up a "necessity." Now I have to go to work even though I really don't feel like going.

I felt better after waking up from my nap. Now I just need to get some more sleep tonight.
Logic started out good. I got a 60/60 on my quiz, which means I'm glad I didn't do the extra credit homework. It looked like we were going to get out early until people started asking stupid stuff and trying to explain stuff that they didn't know themselves. We finally got out and I went and got food from Pie Are Square. I took it to my spanish classroom to eat. It was a couple other girls there when I got there. One of them had a rubik's cube and actually knew how to solve it. That was impressive. Our professor was running late. We were passing around a sign in sheet and ready to walk out the door when he finally comes in. That sucked. But he let us out early so it was an easy day in spanish. I learned one word for the day and that was it. Now I must finish up my geography and then go to class and somehow maybe stay awake.

I don't feel too good.

I'm really starting to regret staying up all night. I went and had a smoothie and kolache for breakfast. I got to sociology though and kept sniffing and then my throat started to hurt. Not good signs. Damn.

I was awake going into sociology, but I got tired once I got in there. I managed to stay awake though and take notes. After sociology I went to visit Marlene at work for a little while, then it was off to strength training. He lectured some then we learned a few new exercises. Still not enough time for a real workout though. He needs to stop lecturing so much while we're in the weight room. Now I'm here in my room for my short break before I head off to more classes.

I was bored so I gave myself an edge up. I guess I should finish getting ready now so I'll have time for breakfast. Lets go.

I finally got some geography done. It's about time. Nothing else is really due so I didn't work on it. Oh well. I ended up watchin I, Robot. Good movie. Now I've been taking care of my hair. I'm not sure if I should cut it or not. If I'm not going to cut it then I need to take better care of it then I have been. I've got a long day in front of me. I think I made a mistake by staying up all night. We'll see if I can make it through this day.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I took a long nap on purpose. It wasn't quite as long as I thought it was and that sucks. But I now plan to stay up all night and get my work done. I normally wouldn't stay up all night before a thursday, but I'm going to see how this works out.

My succeeding in college class got cancelled. I wasn't happy about that. I was already all the way in zachary ready for my two classes there and my first one gets cancelled. I wasn't walking all the way back to my dorm so I ended up just going to Pie Are Square to eat. I got very tired, but still decided to go to Logic. Logic was okay, I couldn't really focus though so now I have a meeting with my bed.

I don't know how, but everytime I'm about to oversleep for class I get a phone call to wake me up. I guess it's a good thing. And I guess it's even better when Marlene calls me because I get a wake up call and a weather report.

I didn't get to sleep until around 8am this morning. I really need to fix that. I got up and hurried to class then realized we had spanish lab today. That's where I am now. It's boring as usual and I complete forgot it was lab today so I don't have my workbook. But we did stuff on the computer so I'm good to go for now.

I'm up way too late and I still haven't really studied. This isn't good. And I'm still not tired. Oh well. Happy New Years.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Went to shoot pool. I was off today though. Now I guess I'll go to the scc and possibly study some. I really need to.

After classes I went over to Marlene's dorm. I just crashed on her extra bed. I woke up around 8 and we went to IHOP to eat pancakes for fat tuesday. I need to learn when to just stop eating cuz I ate way too much. We went to get tapioca after IHOP. I tried their new strawberry and orange. It was pretty good, but I was too full to finish it. Now I'll go play some pool and hopefully study later.

I finally got to sleep around 6am. I never got my reading done, but we were a little behind in class so we didn't get to that part yet, so I'm still not behind. Somehow I felt refreshed when I woke up and got moving. I don't know how. I seriously thought about skipping sociology today. I layed in bed until 7:40am contemplating whether or not to go. I finally just got up and went just so I wouldn't miss class. It wasn't bad, I was actually awake and able to pay attention and contribute to the discussion. Health was cool. The usual taking notes and getting out early. Now I'll eat, but I don't know if I'll sleep. I probably will though.

I finally got some geography done. I couldn't finish it though because I don't have any colored pencils. I'll have to buy some in the morning. I now need to read for sociology, but I just don't like to read. The reading isn't bad....but it's reading.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Went to play and realized how out of shape I still am. I played most of the first half, but had to sit out the last couple minutes because I felt like throwing up since I had only eaten once today. Not smart. I started the second half again, but the same thing happened about half way through so I had to go out again. I went back in with about 5 minutes left, but it was too late. I was about to hit Marvin, one of the refs, after the game. He came up to me and said, "they were hackin you all game long, I tried to call as many as possible." He didn't call one foul for me. I was ready to tell him off, but I just sat there and didn't say anything. I didn't feel like doing anything after the loss so I just sat there and watched the next game. I got a hamburger to eat since I really needed some food in me then caught a ride back with Ofon. Now I need to study, but all my motivation seems to be gone.

I got my nap and now it's just about game time. Lets hope I don't suck it up.

I finally got to sleep a little after 7:30am. I got up around 12:15 and went to class. We had to write our spanish composition in class today. I thought we could use our rough draft, but I was wrong so I had to write the whole thing from memory. And my memory sucks. But I got it done and we could leave when we finished. I had time for a real lunch today so I had a good lunch at Pie Are Square today. I was barely making it in succeeding in college only because of a little thing called my phone. I was wondering how I was going to stay awake in logic, but I got there and it was written on the board that class was cancelled. That made me happy, so now I get to take a nap. I can use the rest since we have our first intramural game tonight.

I do not like the person that I am right now. I have a lot of anger bottled up inside of me right now and I don't know how to get it out. I don't even know what I'm angry about, but it's a lot of anger in me.

Tonight I've just been reading through old quotes, writings I did, and conversations I've had with people. Some good and some bad. They brought back a lot of memories though. Some from when my life was a happy one and others from after my downfall began. I want my old life back, but somehow I'm going to have to start a new life.

Becky had it right in her profile, "I don't think I can but I know I can"
At least I hope I can.

"It's not really about practicing what you preach. It's about preaching what you practice."

Sunday, February 06, 2005

We ordered pizza to eat while over Clare's. I ate my own pizza...with no cheese of course. I really shouldn't eat that much, but for some reason I do. The game wasn't all that great. After the game we watched the Simpsons, which brought my mood up some. Kym was doing her math homework and I helped her some on that. A little later I started getting bored. I tried some different things out with the camera on my phone, but it's only so much to try out. Then I started playing chess on my phone. I sucked it up at first, but somehow came back to win. I played one more and won that. Watched part of Fear Factor before we left. I got outside and felt like walking, so I walked back from Clare's apartment to my room. It was an okay walk, it would've been better if the humidity wasn't so bad. Now I'm back in my room and need to study, but I'm really not in the mood to so it doesn't look like any work will get done.

T.O. came through with a game that I'm sure 99.9% of the people thought he wouldn't have, but McNabb let me down today. It was a sloppy game overall for the eagles topped off with just poor defense. The offense executed plays poorly and in the end the eagles didn't deserve to win.

I slept after watching Dora La Exploradora. Marlene didn't wake me up to study so I just kept sleeping. Ding called me for directions, which woke me up. I finally got up and showered and now it's time for the superbowl at Clare's.

Had fun watching Kym and Greg play one on one in indoor nerf basketball. Then we all went to shoot pool. I did good when I was playing foreal, but then I didn't feel like it and just started hitting hard without really aiming. I still had fun though. Now I'm wondering whether or not I should stay up or get a little sleep.

It seems that everytime it seems that you don't care much or that you don't have time for me anymore it changes. Deep down I know those things aren't true, but it's how it seems on the surface. Then I get one phone call where you show interest. A couple days in a row where you call me first. It feels nice.

Marlene came over and we ordered food from Burger Boy. Kym came up and we all watched I Am Sam on tv. That was a very good movie. I really need to sleep tonight so I can get up and study before the superbowl tomorrow. Doesn't seem like it will happen though.

Each day that has passed by this semester I've felt more and more like not going to class. Many times I've just wished I could go home and forget about school. Yet somehow I've made it to all my classes to this point. I don't know what keeps me going to them, but lets hope whatever it is keeps up.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I finally got up and got ready and went to the A&M basketball game vs. Missouri. We started playing sloppy near the end of the first half so we went into the half down by 1. But the second half was very good for us. We finally pulled away, which we should've done in the first half. Bobby had a career night. Acie had a very nice game after a terrible performance at Oklahoma. And Antione had a great all around game. I really wish I could go to Austin on February 16th for our game there, but I have no way to get there and I have an 8am test the next day. Maybe next year.

Enough sleep would've been good. But I got too much sleep...that's not good.

*looks up to the sky*
I'm still not ready

"Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it."
- William Durant, founder of General Motors
I wasn't in the best of moods when we went out and now I'm in a much worse mood. Playing pool at Time Square was cool. Got to see the end of the Rockets game vs. Minnesota. The Rockets won in overtime. After Time Square we ended up at the Dixie Chicken. I thought we were just going to be there for a little bit then go to Whataburger. At first it was too packed and we couldn't even find a table. Then they sat down and ate some chili cheese fries and talked. I hate the bar type atmosphere. I had already had enough smoke at Time Square and now I had to be around smoke and a bunch of drunk white people, something else I really don't like. We finally left and went to Whataburger. We ordered and I got my food. I always wait for everybody to get there food and start eating before I start so that's what I did. Except it was drama elsewhere so I ended up waiting awhile. And it was some drunk people in the booth behind us and that didn't help. After awhile I just didn't feel like eating anymore. We dropped Clare off then came back to the dorm. Kym had a couple cases of water to take up. I had my food, drink and pool cue to take up and I figured Greg or Ofon would help her. I was wrong, so she tries to carry both of them and soon drops them. I figured Greg or Ofon would at least help her now. I was wrong again. So I grab one of them and try to carry all my stuff in one hand. It's going fine at first until my drink falls off and crashes to the ground. I just said fuck it and walked off. Now I'm back in my room and in a terrible mood. I should just go to sleep because things will be better in the morning. Things have to be better in the morning...right? They can't get much worse.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I watched some tv, slept some, then ate some. I needed to get out of the room so I walked outside and dribbled around some and worked on my shot a little. Clorissa passed by and we talked and caught up for a little while and talked about different things at the university. Now I'm back in the room and am going to go out to Time Square in a little bit. Hopefully that'll be fun.

I got up and made it to class on time thanks to a wake up call from Kristan. I went to class and we just read over each others composition. It was some help, but I'm not sure how much help since most of us aren't that great in spanish. We got out early and I went over to Marlene's dorm to eat lunch with her. We tried out The Other Burger. It wasn't bad. And it was good to be able to get fries on campus. We hung out in her room and Daarina came over to get help with spanish. Daarina described my phone in a new way I hadn't heard before. She called it "hekka darn fly." Marlene had to be at work at 2:30pm so I went to Rudder to do this online training. It was about discrimination in the work place. I was told it would take around an hour and a half. I finished in around 30 minutes. Now I'm back in my room and am wondering what to do for the rest of the day. Only time will tell.

I finished my spanish composition so now I can actually get some sleep before class. I hope I wake up for it. It's at 12:40pm so I should. *crosses fingers*

I downloaded and watched Scary Movie with Kym and Greg. Ofon joined us later after he brought us back McDonalds from when he and his roommate went. Now I've started my spanish composition and hope to finish it soon so I can get some sleep before class.

Every once in awhile I'll get this pain in my chest whenever I breath in. It really sucks.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I crashed from 2-8 after spanish. I was completely knocked out to where I couldn't hear my phone. That's why I had to stay up until I finished classes, because I knew I wouldn't wake up if I tried to take a nap. I got up to go eat at AppleBee's with Greg, Clare, Kym, Ofon, and Ramon, who drove in from California to see Clare. It was good food and we had a good time. I was kind of out of it the whole time though. T asked me to play basketball with his team tonight, but I just wasn't feeling it. Now I'm back and have to write a spanish composition tonight. I have plenty of other work I need to do as well, but we'll see how much I get done.

Why do these classes waste my time? They make me just not want to go to class. I went to logic lab to take a 7 question quiz that took about five minutes and then leave. All this extra walking for no reason.

so far so good. I made it out of my room in time for breakfast. Sociology wasn't too bad. I had to stay awake since we got in groups to discuss different parts of our assigned reading. In strength training he talked to much which means we didn't have much time to workout. We did lower body today, but he said we couldn't do much weight so it really wasn't much of a workout for me. The most we could do on squats was 135lbs. I used to squat 250 easily so that was a joke for me. The same with the leg press and calf raises. Hopefully next time we'll be able to do whatever weight we want to. Now for my short break, then my quiz in logic, then lunch, then spanish, then I'll come back to my room and crash until who knows when.

I've been up all night, but I finally got my reading done. Now for breakfast. Hopefully I can make it through sociology. That'll be a test, but strength training should wake me up since we're in the weight room today. After that I should probably stay awake since if I fall asleep I may not wake up for logic lab or spanish. Damn I'm dumb.

I started to watch Meet The Parents, but I really wasn't in a good mood and had to get out of the room. I left to go play pool. I shot around by myself for awhile and just sucked it up. I started to get in a better mood then Greg came down and we played 9-ball. I won 21 games to 17. I'm in a better mood now, but still have to study. I guess I won't be getting any sleep tonight.

I can already feel my mood dropping again.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I read some, but then really didn't feel like it. Greg threw a basketball at Jeannie and she ended up sticking her foot up since she's scared of balls and now the paper tray for my printer is broken. I wasn't going to study so I ended up downloading and watching Mean Girls with Jeannie. I hadn't seen it, but it was good. Now I should read the rest of my sociology, but I'm just not in the mood to do that.

I took a nap and woke up for our game. We started out great, but then cooled off. A&M led most of the game, but OK pulled it out at the end. It sucks that we always get into such foul trouble. Free throws win ball games and we usually lose that battle. Antoine had a good game and so did Joseph Jones, but Acie Law, the third of our big three, didn't have a good game at all. Now I'm in a bleh mood. It feels like I lost. And I need to study. Hopefully I'll be able to.

Classes today weren't bad. Spanish lab was a waste of time again. CAEN was cool, that's a fun class. Logic is still easy so far. After my classes today I went and got some food and now I'm resting up in my room, watched the usual jeapordy and now the simpsons, until the Aggies game at 7pm. We finally got on ESPN2, primetime baby.

Watched Madea's Family Reunion tonight. I really need to get the latest Madea. Such good plays. I also can't wait for the movie of Diary of a Mad Black Woman to come out.

A couple of us were doing different dunks in between games. One time I was standing in front of the goal and Ricky threw it off the backboard and tried to dunk it one handed, but it bounced off the back of the rim. I figured I try it. I didn't think he was going to stand in front of the goal, but he did. That meant I had to jump off one foot, and I can't get up nearly as high when I jump off one foot. But I tried it anyways and somehow I got the ball over the front of the rim and to go in. 9 out of 10 times I would've gotten hung, but I willed it in this one time. And everybody knows getting hung is practically the worst thing that can happen to a dunker. Even worse than getting blocked. Everybody knew I got lucky on that one, but hey, sometimes luck is better than skill.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A couple people tried to wake me up a little before 7pm because they knew I had hip hop, but I didn't feel like getting up. Finally a little after 7pm I just got up and went to the rec. I was a little late, but it didn't matter since the music wasn't working. They finally got another stereo in there. We learned two more 8 counts today. I guess it was cool that we didn't have quite as much time today because we were already an 8 count ahead of the other 3 classes. We did the Trick Daddy challenge today at the end instead of the Outkast challenge. I didn't feel like playing basketball right after hip hop so I decided to stay for the second class. It was a good workout and I had fun. Last year it was a few guys in my class, but this year I was the only guy in both classes. But that's fine with me. After the second class I walked down to the basketball courts, but still didn't plan to play, but they asked me to so I decided to run some games. We won the first few games where everybody was playing seriously, but then we lost the next few after everybody started messing around and T started hitting his BS shots. Went to Sarginos after the rec and ended up eating with Ofon, Merideth, and Britni. Now I'm back to watch Family Guy and maybe get some work done.

I tried to take a nap before spanish, but I only got like 5-10 minutes of sleep. I made it through spanish and somehow kind of made it through geography. I woke up more near the end because we started doing participation stuff. But we don't have geography on thursday so that's good news. I was planning on sleeping from now until the simpsons, but I'm awake now for some reason. But I need to make sure I make it to hip hop tonight. Even though the stupid rain will probably still be falling.

I almost didn't get up for sociology today. If it wasn't for Monica I wouldn't have gotten up. I finally rolled out of bed at 7:50am and somehow made it to sociology right at 8am. I managed to stay awake and pay attention again. I was a little upset because we didn't talk about the reading that I did last night. But I guess it needed to be done anyways. Health and strength training was the same, a bunch of copying slides. Now I may take a nap before spanish. But first I'll eat.

My body really doesn't like me and I can't really blame it for not liking me. I don't eat or sleep regularly. I don't get the exercise I need. My body is starting to let me know more and more that I'm doing a terrible job of taking care of it.

I ended up doing a little more work and then I watched Madea's Class Reunion. I love all the Madea's. I can't wait until I get the latest ones. Now I guess I'll get a little sleep before I have to be up for 8am sociology. Oh how fun.

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