Sunday, February 20, 2005

The all-star activities were better than I thought that they'd be. Phoenix almost swept the night. Shawn Marion, Diana Taurasi and Dan Majerle blew through the shooting challenge. Steve Nash ran, shot, and passed his way through the skills challenge. Q Rich caught fire and drained his last 9 shots to edge Kyle Korver in the 3 point shoot-out. Amare used Nash's soccer skills to impress the crowd. But in the end it was the Rookie, Josh Smith, who wowed the audience with three 50 point dunks, includng a tribute to Dominique, to claim the dunk contest title. It's safe to say that the all-star weekends are alive and well again. J.R. Smith's first dunk was a dunk that I've dreamed of doing before, but didn't quite think it was really possible. I was very impressed with it.

My momma and Marlene came over to eat before my momma left town. My momma and I were into bowling, which was on tv, but Marlene wasn't into it. But it was a great match that went into a sudden death roll-off. Now for the Cosby marathon.
aww, i wish i'd watched some of the nba all-star stuff!
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