Saturday, July 30, 2005

I woke up this morning and showered and had breakfast. Started the day off right. The first song when I got in the car was It's A Great Day To Be Alive. That let me know it was going to be another good day. I talked to Rose on the way to work then got there and opened the cashiers area. The first two hours flew by like they always do. It was a slow and easy day for me so that was good. At 1:20pm I was off the clock. I stuck around for a little while before leaving. As I was walking to my car this huge smile came across my face and it felt like I had just been freed. I was thinking to myself that I have absolutely NOTHING to do, and it felt GREAT.
I've been too tired to write about my days and I haven't really cared to since none of them had been good. But that changed today. Today was a great day and definately the best day I've had in a LONG time. I woke up this morning to a phone call from Becky who just happened to call me just in time to get up and get ready for work. Work went so smoothly today even though we got busy. It was a great line up working today, which made work so much better. I had fun at work again today, which hadn't happened in awhile. Becky and Wade came to eat at Pei Wei so I chilled with them for a little while, which was cool. During the rest of my break I went to look at phones with QG. Then we ended up at HK4. She took me on a tour of it and e had some Viet sandwiches and tapioca for lunch. After that we headed to sharpstown mall and I finally got me another pinky ring. It's about time I got me another one. We rode around a little more then headed back to Pei Wei because we both had night shifts as well. Tonight's shift was great as well. Had a great time working the expo window with Amber. Talking about country music and getting her to sing for me. After work I met up with Becky at Wal-Mart and somehow ended up doing some grocery shopping. And most of you should know that I'm not the type of person to go grocery shopping unless somebody gives me a list of what to get. But I did, and when I got home Monica was in some sort of shock. She couldn't believe that I had gone grocery shopping on my own so she had to call Marlene to tell her. I did good :) Tonight I couldn't stop smiling because today was just great and I was in such a great mood. I fixed me a couple sandwiches and got online to chat some. I ended up talking to Nadia on the phone for a good minute while half watching I Can Do Bad All By Myself. We got on the topic of music and we started naming all these songs, which put me in an even better mood. I should've been asleep a long time ago, but this day has been so wonderful that I'm still not tired. After I finished watching Madea I decided to call Rose to hear her voice and try to make my day even better. And even though she couldn't talk long it was still great hearing her voice for that short time. Now I'm going to try to get some sleep since I do have to be at work in the morning. But after about 1:30pm I'm free for the rest of the weekend. I haven't had this much time off in a row in forever. That's another reason I'm in such a good mood. I hope this carries over into the rest of the weekend, which I'm thinking it will since I'll have time to rest. This is the kind of day that I've needed for awhile so I'm going to take it and run with it. :D :D :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Work was a piece of shit today. During lunch they cut some people early. After that we got hit hard. People came from I don't know where, but the restaurant filled up again and we were not prepared. Usually we have assigned positions, but today it was go where help was needed. We were scrambling around, but somehow we got through it. I got off and was prepared to enjoy my evening off, but Anthony called me asking me if I could work for him since he couldn't make it tonight because of a flat tire. I told him I would even though I really didn't want to. I picked up my momma from Rice and had her drop me back off at Pei Wei. Tonight started off slow and I was ready for another slow night like last night. But no. We get hit hard and at first it's not a problem. Then things just fall apart. The printer at the dine-in window jams. And somehow they don't catch it, so when I go over there to take over the window I was screwed from the start. To-go also got hit hard with walk-in and call-in customers. For some reason everybody wanted to come to Pei Wei today. For dine-in though, we're scrambling around asking people what they ordered because we don't have tickets for them. It takes awhile, but we eventually get things together and business gets back to usual. Diego almost left early, but thankfully he stayed. It would've been a lot worse without him. Hopefully I have enough hours to take Sunday night off now. That would be nice.

Shyne's verse on the Confessions Remix
This didn't help at all with me wanting to go back to A&M. I think I may try to transfer to UH for the spring semester.

Monday, July 25, 2005

My days are usually good...but my nights are almost always not.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Falling apart again.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yesterday was a good day. Work was almost bad at night, but we got very busy and that ended up making my night a lot better. I was expecting a slow night because of the weather, but it was one of our busiest nights in awhile. I ended up having to run numbers, food run some, and bus some. But it was cool cuz it kept me busy and my mind off of different things. I was supposed to be off at 9:30pm, but I stayed and helped Ian and Nadia close. Then I went to pick up my dvd's. Thank you. I got home and was ready to pass out, but of course I didn't. I was online for awhile then started to fall asleep some, but my phone started going off. I finally did get to sleep around 3am since I had to open this morning. They had Amanda come in and open with me so that was cool. It's always better when you open with someone else. It makes the time go by quicker. I ended up getting cut 50 minutes early, but I still didn't care because I'm still scheduled to go over 40 hours. I don't know how, but I am. After work I ran some errands with my momma, visited my grandmother, then came home and was knocked out for a couple hours. Until, of course, my phone went off. Now I guess I'll get up and get some things done for me. This should be a good night.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today it was the new manager, Will, who decided to hate on my popped collar. But I didn't let it get to me this time. I just said fuck him cuz I know he barely knows what the hell he's doing. It was a cool day at work. I ran the dine-in window morning and night. QG was my foodrunner for most of the time. But everybody helped everybody out today and that's how I like it. During my break I ended up going to Fry's with my momma and getting some blank dvd's. They had 50 on sell for $9.50+tax. You're never going to beat that deal. So I got one and my momma got one. I taught Amanda how to close tonight at foodrunner since she'll have to do it Sunday. After I finished, I helped Sergio close at cashier some before taking off. Since I had no kind of nap today I'll probably be going to bed soon. I need to. Could a sleeping schedule actually be forming? =-O

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis."
--Margaret Bonnano
I tried taking a nap during my break, but just as I had fallen asleep, my phone starts to go off. After that I couldn't go back to sleep at all. I finally just got up and went back to work early. I went back with my collar popped again and this time Matt Gill didn't have anything to say about it But that was probably because this was his last night there. He's getting transfered to a different location. It was slow tonight, but I guess that was a good thing since the main drain backed up and the whole back area flooded and so did the cashiers area. I was on cruise control the whole night though so I didn't care what was going on. And I was oblivious to what was going on around me. Oh well, I got through the night and was able to get out of there early.

I've just been listening to my playlist all night and I'll probably just do that until I decide to go to sleep.
Work wasn't as good as usual this morning. The number three man at this Pei Wei was there so I was running food for him today. Him and Mark Payne just run things differently and I'm just not feeling how they do things. Then Matt Gill was on a little power trip so I was ready to slap him. But I just did my job, let them make their mistakes, and went on about my business. I stayed an hour later than I was supposed to, but at 2pm I was ready to go so I just told them I was leaving and left. I may or may not get 40 hours this week, but I don't really care anymore. I could use a little more time off.

Now I'll blast my music since nobody else is home and just relax until I go back to work tonight.
Work was just alright today. I was running the dine-in window, but my foodrunner wasn't that good. After I got off I was just in a down mood and didn't feel like doing anything so I just sat around and organized my phone. Then I just sat in my car for awhile listening to music while trying to clear my mind. I finally came home and watched some tv for a few hours before falling asleep on the couch. I get a call from Ding and Q and the one day they wanna roll up to Pei Wei, I'm not working. Then QG calls me cuz I was supposed to meet her at 24 today, so I roll up there and meet up with her and Alvin. It felt good to be back in the gym. I'm going to have to start making myself go more at night.

I've been here before and don't know if I should chance it again. But of course I always do.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Them boys in blue caught my ass. It killed my work day, but I still had fun chillin at the galleria during my break.

All or nothing. I'm diving in head first.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I love conversations like the one I just. Hopefully there'll be more in the near future.
I woke up this morning to watch Lakewood Church on tv. Shortly after I woke up I got a text message from Rose. I watched Lakewood and talked to Rose some then got ready for work. I ended up meeting up with Alison and Three Brothers Bakery before getting some food and heading to work. My first shift wasn't bad. During my break I got to try the new Vietnamese Steak Rolls and the Thai Coastal Shrimp Rolls. The Steak Rolls were very good, but I wasn't such a big fan of the Shrimp Rolls. Tonight things just weren't in order. I was bussing with Carlos so that part went well. But the line-up for food runner and cashier just wasn't working. Things just weren't going right. I clocked out at 8:10pm since that's when I hit 40 hours for the week, but I stayed around a little longer to help out some since they needed it. After that I stuck around just to hang out. They had 3 new people in the cashier area so I helped them out when they needed it. I ended up staying through close just for the hell of it. I need to get some sleep soon though so I can get up and take Marlon to work in the morning. That means I get to drive the Intrepid :D
I got up this morning and opened for the first time. It went okay. It wasn't bad since I stayed and helped Alvin close the cashier area last night. It was a slow morning, but that was cool with me. Got all the side work done early and helped out in other areas since we were a person short today. I got off the clock at 2pm and ordered me some food, but kept working until around 2:30pm. Then I went and picked up Monica from MHMRA and took her to Hallmark. I came home and my momma and I went out to Viet Hua to look at phones. I really should wait before buying another one. After I got back home I passed out for awhile. I woke up and planned to go to a eshop houston party, but didn't. Instead I stayed in to help out around the house. Tonight I finally went over my spanish vocab cards again. It had been awhile, so I need to get back on top of that. It's not like I have anything better to do most nights.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Monday: Rented a Uhaul and moved most of the big furniture with the help of Marlon, Jodie, Ding, and Q. A big thanks to all of them.

Tuesday: It was back to work for me. Didn't feel like it though after having the day off and because I was exhausted from moving stuff. I worked a double and did a little moving in between shifts and then more after my night shift.

Wednesday and Thursday were basically the same thing. Work, moving, work, moving. We finally finshed getting everything moved out Thursday night around 2am. I took one last walk around the apartment before leaving. As I locked the door it hit me that I wouldn't be going back there again. Monica left in her Scion, Marlon in his Intrepid and my Momma in her Corolla. I took the cavalier around the apartment complex one last time before catching up with them on the freeway. We rode single file to our new apartment. Even though I was worn out physically and emotionally I couldn't sleep. I finally passed out around 3:45am only to wake up freezing around 5:30am. I went and found me another cover and got back to sleep.

I got up today around 7:15am to help Marlon do something with the Malibu. We tried jumping it and getting it to Autozone, but it kept dying. We finally just went to Wal-Mart and bought a new battery and changed it out. After we finished dealing with that I got me some breakfast from Chick-Fil-A and headed to work early to eat it. The owner and regional director were there today, which meant I had to do good. The regional director ran the dine-in window today. He did it a little differently, but nobody was going to tell him otherwise. Even though his method had me running back and forth all morning. I started to cramp up from so much running. But he was cool, and he complimented me on my work. I caught a few of his mistakes, which made me feel good. I came home, ate, and watched some tv before taking a nap. This past week I've been lucky if I've gotten two meals a day. Most days I only ate once. They almost didn't want me to work tonight because I had too many hours. But I made them a deal and they ended up letting me work. I could've used the night off, but I can also use the money. I closed food runner then came home and changed before going to get Taz and going to IHOP. It was good to catch up with her and I got my Funnel Cake, which was delicious. I'll definately be going back for another one soon. Now I need some sleep so I can open in the morning. I wish someone had taught me how to open, but I'll just wing it and see what happens.

It feels great to finally have internet access again.

Monday, July 11, 2005

One last time

Work was good Sunday. I worked a little extra all week so that they'd let me leave early. I was sad though because it was Shayla's last day. It's always fun working with her. She'll be missed. After work my momma picked me up and we went out to the new apartment so I could unload 3 vehicles. I just did it straight through with no breaks to hurry up and get it over with. We finished then I headed over to Kristan's to drop the Ray Charles cds off that I made for her.

I was tired last night, but I wouldn't go to sleep. I figured that it'd only be fitting for me to stay up late one last time. It was a good night. I didn't do anything special, just what I normally do when I stay up late.

Now it's time to take my computer apart, which will mark the end for me. It's been a great past 10 years while staying here. I couldn't have asked for more.

"But now it's timeeee, to say goodbyeeee, to all our familyyy. M-I-C. See ya real soon. K-E-Y. Why? Because we love you. MMMM-OOOO-UUUU-SSSS-E. *MUSIC*"

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Friday: I worked my morning shift and then Albert and Kristan came to Pei Wei and I had lunch there with them. I hadn't seen Albert in awhile, so that was cool. And of course it's always nice to see Kristan. After lunch Kristan asked me where the closet Jamba Juice was, but I was having none of that. I took them to Robek's where the owner, Kevin, gave them a run down of the menu. We all got something different, but I think the Strawnana Berry was the tops. Kristan called it the best smoothie she'd ever had. Therefore everybody should forget Smoothie King and Jamba Juice and start going to Robek's. The smoothie's are so much better there. After that I came home and then went out to our new apt with my momma to get another key. It was the first time I'd been out there and it's bigger, but it just can never compare to 2111 Holly Hall. Then it was back to work for my night shift. I ran the dine-in window and it was fun because Amber came over and was my food runner. She did a good job, which made me look good, and therefore it was all good. I didn't have to close, which was nice for a change. I left work and headed over to Olivia's for some monopoly. It was a fun night. I came home and finished watching Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Today: I got up and cleaned up some finally. Still didn't really pack anything. Then I met Q at Pei Wei and bought him some food. Olivia met us there and then I took them to Robek's to wow them. You just can't deny that Robek's has the best smoothie's, so go there and get one then come visit me next door at Pei Wei. Q followed me back to my place and helped move some stuff. We made one trip out to my new place with my momma in the Corolla and Scion before Alison brought her truck. Then came back and loaded up Alison's truck, the Corolla and the Scion again before heading back out there. After unloading that load with a half broken assembly line, Q and I went and got food from Fox Sports Bar in the galleria. We ate over Kristan's and were supposed to go see The Fantastic Four, but ended up looking at a bunch of Kristan's old pictures. While over Kristan's I took the scariest trip to the bathroom I've ever taken. It was in a part of her house that I didn't know existed. Usually I'm very nosy and look around wherever I am, but I wasn't touching anything in there. Since we didn't go watch The Fantastic Four we watched Aladdin. A good movie to just kick back, relax, and watch with good friends. After the movie we talked for a little while then kidnapped Kristan for a little while before taking off. Now I'm watching a PBA tour event before I finally crash.

This looks to be my second to last night sleeping in this apartment. 2111 Holly Hall has been the only home I've known while living in Houston. I still don't quite believe I'm moving. I still don't want to believe I'm moving. But soon I will have to say goodbye to my home and try to create a new one. Everything happens for a reason and I know the reason for us moving, but it still hurts.

Friday, July 08, 2005

It ain't gonna get any easier.
I did what I did and now I have to make up for it.

And I still don't wanna move.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I worked longer than I was supposed to this morning so now I can get my 40 hours for the week. I may even be able to get off a little early on sunday so I don't get overtime. That'd be nice. I came home on my break and had a nice conversation. It always is a nice one. I had some more chopped beef. I could eat bbq all the time. Then it was back off to work. So many jokes, so many great co-workers. I'm glad I ended up working at Pei Wei this summer. Got home and it was more vocab that I studied. I've gone through half of the box of flash cards I have. It's way too many. I hope it all pays off. Then I had another good conversation just a little while ago with someone different. I love all my friends. I couldn't do it without y'all.

I'll be moving soon, but I really don't want to. I absolutely love where I'm living now. It's the only place I've lived while in Houston. I still don't even really know where I'm moving too. It all sucks. I'm kind of in denial about it and have refused to start packing. I guess I need to start tomorrow since I have the morning off. But in the end I know it's for the better. I'm still sad about it though :-\

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Work was work. Even though now I see why they won't let just anyone run the to-go window. Not too many people came in just before we closed so it wasn't too bad tonight. I finished up around 10:45pm. At somepoint I need to get on a real sleeping schedule and actually stick with it. I've been saying it for some years now, but I just might mean it this time.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My 4th of July was spent working all day. I woke up late and rushed to work for 11am. We had 3 cashiers there early on and that was pointless since it was dead. Therefore we drew straws to see who got sent home. Ian got the short straw, but didn't seem to have a problem leaving. Then later I decided to cover Justin's shift until 4pm since he was supposed to have the day off. Talk about a boring day. We had one minor rush in the morning, but just as quickly as it got busy, it went dead again. I actually stayed until about 4:30pm then came home to eat and rest for a little bit. Then it was back to work for 6pm. I started closing down everything around 8:45pm so by 10:20pm I was done. I came home and saw everybody sitting on the side of the freeway after watching the fireworks. I was sad that I missed them all and also that I didn't get to do any firecrackers. Maybe next year.

I got up this morning and drove Marlene back to College Station. On the way there she quizzed me over the 400 spanish vocab words that I've gone over so far. It was good hearing somebody else say the words aloud. We got there and went to HEB then I took her to her house. It was in and out then I was on the road back to Houston. I made pretty good timing even with a couple slow people riding the left lane. But I kicked them out of my way. Now I must eat and be off to work.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday was cool. Work was slow so I left early for once. Headed over to Ding's then to the Omni. It was alright. Q, Ding, and I left early though. We drove around and ended up at Randall's where they had 32oz gatorade on sale for 10 for $10. I got 10 and Q got 10 and we also got some cookie dough (hahaha, i've been watching too much of the simpson's because at first i spelled it 'doh'.) We baked the cookies over Ding's . They were delicious and fun to eat since we wouldn't let Rachel have any at first. But that was her fault. And Mary Ann was just....drunk. But funny. Especially her trying to take a picture of a melon that Q and I made invisible.

Work was slow all day today except of course when it was time to close. But it wasn't so bad since first Marlene, Monica, Momma, Grandmother, Lindsay, and Askia came into eat. Then Ding and Daniel stopped by. And in the end, I got my 40 hours, plus 5 minutes of overtime, plus and ice cream sandwich. Then it was off to Kristan's to watch Collateral with her and Q. Great movie. We chilled for a little while after the movie and now I need some sleep so I can go work all day again tomorrow.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Yesterday was cool. I worked a double and picked up some extra hours in the morning. The night shift was slow for the most part, but fun. QG seems like she'll work out good there. Poke and June came to visit me which was nice. After work I met up with Grace, PJ, Poke and Q to bowl some. I did alright with a 156 and 170, but I gotta little work to do before I get on Toni's level. After bowling, Q, PJ and myself went to hoop some at 24. That was good for me since I haven't been able to hoop in awhile. I came home and went over a little spanish before passing out.

I got up this morning and went to a hip hop class with my momma and Marlene. It was a lot of fun and I'll have to go back again. Even if he did make me do more push-ups then everybody else since I was the only guy.

R.I.P. Luther

Congratulations Venus

Friday, July 01, 2005

The fans stopped working at Pei Wei today so the place filled up with smoke and therefore we had to close down for about 45 minutes. After cleaning the place and doing all the sidework I became the arm wrestling champion at Pei Wei. We got busy when we re-opened so I was running all night. I closed at food runner then came home and chilled before going to pick up Monica. Then I decided to meet up with Ding and Poke at Tan Tan for a late night meal. I came back and learned another 50 spanish vocab words. Hopefully they'll stick with me. It's beginning to be a lot. Now I need some sleep so I can get an early start on tomorrow.

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