Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Work was just alright today. I was running the dine-in window, but my foodrunner wasn't that good. After I got off I was just in a down mood and didn't feel like doing anything so I just sat around and organized my phone. Then I just sat in my car for awhile listening to music while trying to clear my mind. I finally came home and watched some tv for a few hours before falling asleep on the couch. I get a call from Ding and Q and the one day they wanna roll up to Pei Wei, I'm not working. Then QG calls me cuz I was supposed to meet her at 24 today, so I roll up there and meet up with her and Alvin. It felt good to be back in the gym. I'm going to have to start making myself go more at night.

I've been here before and don't know if I should chance it again. But of course I always do.
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