Saturday, July 30, 2005

I've been too tired to write about my days and I haven't really cared to since none of them had been good. But that changed today. Today was a great day and definately the best day I've had in a LONG time. I woke up this morning to a phone call from Becky who just happened to call me just in time to get up and get ready for work. Work went so smoothly today even though we got busy. It was a great line up working today, which made work so much better. I had fun at work again today, which hadn't happened in awhile. Becky and Wade came to eat at Pei Wei so I chilled with them for a little while, which was cool. During the rest of my break I went to look at phones with QG. Then we ended up at HK4. She took me on a tour of it and e had some Viet sandwiches and tapioca for lunch. After that we headed to sharpstown mall and I finally got me another pinky ring. It's about time I got me another one. We rode around a little more then headed back to Pei Wei because we both had night shifts as well. Tonight's shift was great as well. Had a great time working the expo window with Amber. Talking about country music and getting her to sing for me. After work I met up with Becky at Wal-Mart and somehow ended up doing some grocery shopping. And most of you should know that I'm not the type of person to go grocery shopping unless somebody gives me a list of what to get. But I did, and when I got home Monica was in some sort of shock. She couldn't believe that I had gone grocery shopping on my own so she had to call Marlene to tell her. I did good :) Tonight I couldn't stop smiling because today was just great and I was in such a great mood. I fixed me a couple sandwiches and got online to chat some. I ended up talking to Nadia on the phone for a good minute while half watching I Can Do Bad All By Myself. We got on the topic of music and we started naming all these songs, which put me in an even better mood. I should've been asleep a long time ago, but this day has been so wonderful that I'm still not tired. After I finished watching Madea I decided to call Rose to hear her voice and try to make my day even better. And even though she couldn't talk long it was still great hearing her voice for that short time. Now I'm going to try to get some sleep since I do have to be at work in the morning. But after about 1:30pm I'm free for the rest of the weekend. I haven't had this much time off in a row in forever. That's another reason I'm in such a good mood. I hope this carries over into the rest of the weekend, which I'm thinking it will since I'll have time to rest. This is the kind of day that I've needed for awhile so I'm going to take it and run with it. :D :D :D
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