Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My 4th of July was spent working all day. I woke up late and rushed to work for 11am. We had 3 cashiers there early on and that was pointless since it was dead. Therefore we drew straws to see who got sent home. Ian got the short straw, but didn't seem to have a problem leaving. Then later I decided to cover Justin's shift until 4pm since he was supposed to have the day off. Talk about a boring day. We had one minor rush in the morning, but just as quickly as it got busy, it went dead again. I actually stayed until about 4:30pm then came home to eat and rest for a little bit. Then it was back to work for 6pm. I started closing down everything around 8:45pm so by 10:20pm I was done. I came home and saw everybody sitting on the side of the freeway after watching the fireworks. I was sad that I missed them all and also that I didn't get to do any firecrackers. Maybe next year.

I got up this morning and drove Marlene back to College Station. On the way there she quizzed me over the 400 spanish vocab words that I've gone over so far. It was good hearing somebody else say the words aloud. We got there and went to HEB then I took her to her house. It was in and out then I was on the road back to Houston. I made pretty good timing even with a couple slow people riding the left lane. But I kicked them out of my way. Now I must eat and be off to work.
we can do fireworks together!
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