Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Work was a piece of shit today. During lunch they cut some people early. After that we got hit hard. People came from I don't know where, but the restaurant filled up again and we were not prepared. Usually we have assigned positions, but today it was go where help was needed. We were scrambling around, but somehow we got through it. I got off and was prepared to enjoy my evening off, but Anthony called me asking me if I could work for him since he couldn't make it tonight because of a flat tire. I told him I would even though I really didn't want to. I picked up my momma from Rice and had her drop me back off at Pei Wei. Tonight started off slow and I was ready for another slow night like last night. But no. We get hit hard and at first it's not a problem. Then things just fall apart. The printer at the dine-in window jams. And somehow they don't catch it, so when I go over there to take over the window I was screwed from the start. To-go also got hit hard with walk-in and call-in customers. For some reason everybody wanted to come to Pei Wei today. For dine-in though, we're scrambling around asking people what they ordered because we don't have tickets for them. It takes awhile, but we eventually get things together and business gets back to usual. Diego almost left early, but thankfully he stayed. It would've been a lot worse without him. Hopefully I have enough hours to take Sunday night off now. That would be nice.

Shyne's verse on the Confessions Remix
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