Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today it was the new manager, Will, who decided to hate on my popped collar. But I didn't let it get to me this time. I just said fuck him cuz I know he barely knows what the hell he's doing. It was a cool day at work. I ran the dine-in window morning and night. QG was my foodrunner for most of the time. But everybody helped everybody out today and that's how I like it. During my break I ended up going to Fry's with my momma and getting some blank dvd's. They had 50 on sell for $9.50+tax. You're never going to beat that deal. So I got one and my momma got one. I taught Amanda how to close tonight at foodrunner since she'll have to do it Sunday. After I finished, I helped Sergio close at cashier some before taking off. Since I had no kind of nap today I'll probably be going to bed soon. I need to. Could a sleeping schedule actually be forming? =-O
*me sticking my tongue out* -so thats how u got two..ure such a for the food again, ure such a sweetheart...ttyl. smooches
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