Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday was cool. Work was slow so I left early for once. Headed over to Ding's then to the Omni. It was alright. Q, Ding, and I left early though. We drove around and ended up at Randall's where they had 32oz gatorade on sale for 10 for $10. I got 10 and Q got 10 and we also got some cookie dough (hahaha, i've been watching too much of the simpson's because at first i spelled it 'doh'.) We baked the cookies over Ding's . They were delicious and fun to eat since we wouldn't let Rachel have any at first. But that was her fault. And Mary Ann was just....drunk. But funny. Especially her trying to take a picture of a melon that Q and I made invisible.

Work was slow all day today except of course when it was time to close. But it wasn't so bad since first Marlene, Monica, Momma, Grandmother, Lindsay, and Askia came into eat. Then Ding and Daniel stopped by. And in the end, I got my 40 hours, plus 5 minutes of overtime, plus and ice cream sandwich. Then it was off to Kristan's to watch Collateral with her and Q. Great movie. We chilled for a little while after the movie and now I need some sleep so I can go work all day again tomorrow.
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