Sunday, July 10, 2005

Friday: I worked my morning shift and then Albert and Kristan came to Pei Wei and I had lunch there with them. I hadn't seen Albert in awhile, so that was cool. And of course it's always nice to see Kristan. After lunch Kristan asked me where the closet Jamba Juice was, but I was having none of that. I took them to Robek's where the owner, Kevin, gave them a run down of the menu. We all got something different, but I think the Strawnana Berry was the tops. Kristan called it the best smoothie she'd ever had. Therefore everybody should forget Smoothie King and Jamba Juice and start going to Robek's. The smoothie's are so much better there. After that I came home and then went out to our new apt with my momma to get another key. It was the first time I'd been out there and it's bigger, but it just can never compare to 2111 Holly Hall. Then it was back to work for my night shift. I ran the dine-in window and it was fun because Amber came over and was my food runner. She did a good job, which made me look good, and therefore it was all good. I didn't have to close, which was nice for a change. I left work and headed over to Olivia's for some monopoly. It was a fun night. I came home and finished watching Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Today: I got up and cleaned up some finally. Still didn't really pack anything. Then I met Q at Pei Wei and bought him some food. Olivia met us there and then I took them to Robek's to wow them. You just can't deny that Robek's has the best smoothie's, so go there and get one then come visit me next door at Pei Wei. Q followed me back to my place and helped move some stuff. We made one trip out to my new place with my momma in the Corolla and Scion before Alison brought her truck. Then came back and loaded up Alison's truck, the Corolla and the Scion again before heading back out there. After unloading that load with a half broken assembly line, Q and I went and got food from Fox Sports Bar in the galleria. We ate over Kristan's and were supposed to go see The Fantastic Four, but ended up looking at a bunch of Kristan's old pictures. While over Kristan's I took the scariest trip to the bathroom I've ever taken. It was in a part of her house that I didn't know existed. Usually I'm very nosy and look around wherever I am, but I wasn't touching anything in there. Since we didn't go watch The Fantastic Four we watched Aladdin. A good movie to just kick back, relax, and watch with good friends. After the movie we talked for a little while then kidnapped Kristan for a little while before taking off. Now I'm watching a PBA tour event before I finally crash.

This looks to be my second to last night sleeping in this apartment. 2111 Holly Hall has been the only home I've known while living in Houston. I still don't quite believe I'm moving. I still don't want to believe I'm moving. But soon I will have to say goodbye to my home and try to create a new one. Everything happens for a reason and I know the reason for us moving, but it still hurts.
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