Friday, February 18, 2005

I went out to play capture the flag with my sister and her co-workers mainly. The first game went by quick, because the teams were uneven. The teams were more even in the second game and that one took a little longer. It got a little boring that game though because the other team had almost there whole team just standing around the jail. A few people left after that game but the rest of us stayed for one more. That game took awhile also, but it was more fun. More running for me, which was good. I needed the exercise. It was 4 against 5 though, which isn't exactly fair, but it was cool. I was on the team with 4 and they had 2 memebers of my team in jail. I finally decided to just make a break for the jail to free them. I was past the first person and thought I had a clear path to the jail. Then out of nowhere Jeannie pops out. I figured I could get around her so try to make a sharp right turn, but it had been raining and the ground was slick, so my feet came right out from under me and I took a couple rolls on the ground scraping myself up. I scraped up my right forearm and my left knee. That sucked. But everybody just kind of stood around making sure I was okay, but none of them actually tagged me. So I got up and freed my team members from jail and grabbed one of their flags and took back off to my side. I got back and decided I'd gurad our last flag while the rest of my team went after their other flag. The next thing I know They have three people coming at me to get the flag. I tagged all three of them, but the jail became mobile since I wasn't walking them anywhere because that would give them a wide open chance to get our flag. It went on like that for a little bit while I had no clue where my team had gone. Finally we just called the game. We finished up about 1:30am. They plan on doing it again saturday so hopefully I can go play again then. Now I need to go find something to clean my scrapes with, because they're starting to sting.
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