Thursday, February 10, 2005

Logic started out good. I got a 60/60 on my quiz, which means I'm glad I didn't do the extra credit homework. It looked like we were going to get out early until people started asking stupid stuff and trying to explain stuff that they didn't know themselves. We finally got out and I went and got food from Pie Are Square. I took it to my spanish classroom to eat. It was a couple other girls there when I got there. One of them had a rubik's cube and actually knew how to solve it. That was impressive. Our professor was running late. We were passing around a sign in sheet and ready to walk out the door when he finally comes in. That sucked. But he let us out early so it was an easy day in spanish. I learned one word for the day and that was it. Now I must finish up my geography and then go to class and somehow maybe stay awake.

I don't feel too good.

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