Friday, February 18, 2005

I got out to Rudder about 9am expecting to help set stuff up, but no. Instead they needed us from 11am-2pm to try to get people to fill out forms so the army could send them some information. I went to breakfast with Jeannie and chilled until 11am. I didn't really feel like trying to have people fill out the form, because that's not really my thing, but once I started I got more into it and since they were playing hip-hop music the black people started gathering around so it was fun. As the time passed my feet and lower back started hurting. Oh well, we got off work and I got $50 and some free stuff so it was worthwhile. MSC box office was selling tickets to Greek Olympiad so I got tickets for Marlene and myself. I got food that I'll eat now and I should sleep, but somehow I'm not that tired.
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