Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A couple people tried to wake me up a little before 7pm because they knew I had hip hop, but I didn't feel like getting up. Finally a little after 7pm I just got up and went to the rec. I was a little late, but it didn't matter since the music wasn't working. They finally got another stereo in there. We learned two more 8 counts today. I guess it was cool that we didn't have quite as much time today because we were already an 8 count ahead of the other 3 classes. We did the Trick Daddy challenge today at the end instead of the Outkast challenge. I didn't feel like playing basketball right after hip hop so I decided to stay for the second class. It was a good workout and I had fun. Last year it was a few guys in my class, but this year I was the only guy in both classes. But that's fine with me. After the second class I walked down to the basketball courts, but still didn't plan to play, but they asked me to so I decided to run some games. We won the first few games where everybody was playing seriously, but then we lost the next few after everybody started messing around and T started hitting his BS shots. Went to Sarginos after the rec and ended up eating with Ofon, Merideth, and Britni. Now I'm back to watch Family Guy and maybe get some work done.

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