Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I took a nap until like 7:10pm then woke up and jogged to the rec for hip hop. They brought one of the people who started the hip hop program at A&M, Chee Chee. Now she's one hell of a dancer. She dances for Austin's hockey team, the Ice Bats. Plus she's danced at the Super Bowl and has her own dance group. She taught us our 3 8-counts for the day. She came in and was on point. Just BAM. BAM. BAM. She went through it quicker and her moves required us to be a lot sharper. But it was fun. I stayed for both hip hop classes and then Fade To Black, a dance group here, had practice and I stayed for that as well. Chee Chee also taught that today. I wasn't ready for that level though. She taught us a dance to the beginning of Ciara's 1-2 step. But I can't remember it all right now. That sucks, but hopefully I'll remember it and if not then I can ask Shay on thursday. I came back after over 3 hours of dance and hung out on the first floor for awhile. I went and got food from the commons and ate most of that. I was in a dancing mood so I was dancing down there for a large portion of the time. Now tv time and maybe some studying.
yaaay dancing! ^_^
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