Sunday, February 06, 2005

We ordered pizza to eat while over Clare's. I ate my own pizza...with no cheese of course. I really shouldn't eat that much, but for some reason I do. The game wasn't all that great. After the game we watched the Simpsons, which brought my mood up some. Kym was doing her math homework and I helped her some on that. A little later I started getting bored. I tried some different things out with the camera on my phone, but it's only so much to try out. Then I started playing chess on my phone. I sucked it up at first, but somehow came back to win. I played one more and won that. Watched part of Fear Factor before we left. I got outside and felt like walking, so I walked back from Clare's apartment to my room. It was an okay walk, it would've been better if the humidity wasn't so bad. Now I'm back in my room and need to study, but I'm really not in the mood to so it doesn't look like any work will get done.

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