Sunday, November 14, 2004

got up and ate then went to our game. my ankles and knees started killing me from standing on the wobbling bench, plus my back from just standing up. i had to keep stepping down to take a break. it was a good game, which we won in OT. after the game we went looking for somewhere to eat. we tried cotton patch, but they were full and had an hour wait so we tried some other places before ending up at bennigan's, which still had a 45 minute wait. Before we got seated I found word dojo and got hooked on it again. I didn't have my original partners with me so we didn't get to a million. We got seated and the service was SOOOOO slow. We waited for over an hour. People complained and they took 50% off each check. Then the food wasn't so great and people complained some more so they gave us all the food for free and just charged us for the specialty drinks that people ordered. So that was good. Plus my food was good and I got a lto so it really filled me up. I barely finished it. After that I just came back to my room and watched Man On Fire. Now I'll sit here until I fall asleep. I have a lot of energy for some reason though. Oh well. Not a bad day overall.

I know how you feel. lol. I just have a question for you though. DO you actually know Russian? I noticed the use of the russian word for guilty and I was just wondering. If you do know how to speak RUssian, please let me kno:) I haven't found anyone who actually knows enough to carry on a conversation with me yet:) lol.
sorry, I don't mean to bother you. I was just searching for ppl who knew Russian and for some reason yours came up:) Hope you are having a wonderful day:) GOd Bless.
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