Thursday, November 18, 2004

Woke up at 6am this morning and watched Saved By The Bell. Went and got breakfast at 7am then went to work for 7:30am. Got to work and we started immediately today. Got out there and finished setting up the rest of the 2500 white chairs. Then we set up some red chairs. Then we set out the plants. Then shoveled and wheelbarrelled sand over the muddy places (which really didn't help any). Then they had us wipe off ALL the chairs. That was annoying. We got to watch the memorial, which was nice. Then after it was over it was back to work, double time. We had to take down all the chairs, which was really a pain. Then take apart all the stages. Load everthing onto the trucks then unload it at Rudder. They brought out a portable light so that we could keep working after dark. We were supposed to get off at 6pm, but somebody changed the plans. Originally we were supposed to take everything down in two days, but instead we took it all down tonight. We finally finished up a little before 9pm. This 13 1/2 hour day reminded me of the long work days over the summer. But in the end it feels good to know that I earned my money. Yesterday my shirt was soaked from the rain. Today it was soaked from sweat. Left work and went over to Marlene's to get the food that she got me from On The Border. I ate that then walked back to my room. Took off my extremely muddy shoes and pants. Got in the shower and just sat down and let the water run over me. I kept almost falling asleep so I got out before I really did fall asleep. Now I should really go to sleep.

It's a lot of cool people that work at Rudder. I should've been working there all semester.

Glad that ure workin and that ure staying busy. Hope you dont get sick from change of weather. bye
something totally unrelated.... (random freestyle)

Turkey day!
is on the way!
This rhyme isnt that gay!
shut your dam trap
before you get slapped
hey please stop laughin =(
and quit the yappity yappin
aww man i quit
im done with this rap shit

hahhahaha woooo im signing autographs after the show!

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