Saturday, November 27, 2004

yesterday was good after i woke up late. just hanging out with everybody was quite nice.

football was fun today, even if it was muddy and slippery out there. i handed out the last of my livestrong bands and got a small, but oh so lovely present from the one who dances. came home and showered, ate, watched tv. left and hung out over pujan's again for the game. the stupid rockets lost again, but bobby sura is back so therefore the rockets shall soon rise to the top of the league. left there and Q and I went over to Olivia's and chilled there for awhile. now i'm back home and should sleep, but i feel like eating.

it's been nice hanging out with old friends these past few days. something to think about for the future.

Thank you for the livestrong! More importantly, I'm glad you liked your present. ♥
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