Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I actually decided to go to sleep last night and planned on waking up at 11 when my momma came to get me. But no. First, around 7:45am, my momma's remote start is messing up so the alarm keeps going off, so of course she wakes me up to do something about it. I do that and go lay back down to go back to sleep until 11. Around 8:20am, Monica comes down with Marlon on her phone. He needs me to go with him to get a rental car so he can drop off his car to get it worked on and so he can take momma's car back out to the shop to get it fixed. And of course he wants to do it all now so he's on his way to get me. Now instead of getting 6 hours of sleep like I had planned to, I got 3.

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