Sunday, December 19, 2004

I ate at home tonight then went and met Sammie at Edwards. Her cousin works there so I got to park for free then we got to see Christmas with the Kranks for free. I liked the movie. I'll have to go back for other movies. Now that makes two people I know who can get me into Edwards for free. After that I took Sammie to Chinatown where we met up with Q, Ding, Pujan, Mark, Olivia, and Becky. Ding and I hit up the word dojo. Some little boy was there at first just pushing buttons and tearing the sign off the machine. We weren't sure what to do and were just laughing. Then he started laughing and pushing buttons on the screen. His momma came and got him and then we began. All the scores had been erased and we easily beat the high score on our first game and then dropped a million on our second game. Then other people started playing and that messed us up. I had to leave to take Sammie home, so I did that. I was supposed to meet up with Marlene and some people at Fast Eddies for pool cuz they said it was free. They backed out but I was already there so I played a couple games by myself before I found out that you had to work at a restaurant or else it's $11/hr. After I found that out I just left and went to get Marlene from Kenneth's. She was playing Davidia in scrabble, but I took her place when I got there and came back to win. Now I'm back home and online as always.

My momma said earlier that I'm only home to eat and sleep, but that's not true. I also use the internet here and watch tv.

LOL aww, she misses you!
well im glad you were feelin better to go to the stink..j/p...i think u know one person.hahaha
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