Tuesday, December 14, 2004

i couldn't go to sleep so instead i watched ocean's eleven on my computer. after that i still wasn't ready to go to sleep. all day i started telling myself that i'd start my push-ups and sit-ups tomorrow. then i realized that that's the same thing i said yesterday. the first round is always the hardest, but somehow i managed to make myself do them. after my third set of push-ups i could literally and clearly hear my heart beating inside my chest. but i kept going and now that i've started hopefully i'll be able to keep it up. i started off this break at an outrageous 193lbs. over the break i need to lose some of that and turn the rest into muscle. i want my 8-pack back, or at least my 6-pack.

i used to wear 5 bracelets on my wrist. for now, most of the time, i'm going to stick with one:

Good job, Matthew. The first round (or the first time or the first day) is always the hardest, but you did it, and I knew you could and I knew you would. And more importantly, YOU knew you could and would. =)

And yeah, I've always figured that the one was enough. If you're living strong, you've probably got everything else covered, y'know? That's how I do, anyway.
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