Wednesday, December 15, 2004

i got things together and ran them over to D.A.V. After that I headed to A&M. I made great time on my way over there. I got there and got the few things I needed out of my room and watched an episode of the simpsons on reg's computer. Then I went to the mall and met up with Kym and Clare. I picked Marlene up and we ate at Lane's then got Greg and went over to Clare's. The others ate there while I did some stuff on the computer. By now I wasn't in a good mood because I wanted to be out of town already. I ended up on Clare's papasan and took about a 30 minute power nap. I woke up and was still in a bad mood. We finally headed off to Santa's Wonderland. It was great and I took lots of pictures, but I wish I could've gone on a day when I was in a better mood. I'll post pictures later. I hope they came out well. Around 10:30 Marlene and I headed back to houston. Got in around 11:45. Unpacked and now I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't feel like gonig to sleep. I guess I'll workout.

feel better. -rose
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