Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I went out and met up with Q, Ding, and Mr. Black to go play pool at Rice. We got there and planned to call Nussbaum to let us in, but she had gone somewhere and left her cell phone in her room. We stood outside the room and started calling everybody we knew who went to Rice. Finally Pinto picked up and she was nice enough to come let us in. We got in and had the room to ourselves since everybody else was most likely studying. First game, i played Ding and scratched on the 8 ball. Second game, Ding played Q and Ding scratched on the 8 ball. Third game, Q played Adam and Adam scratched on the 8 ball. Fourth game, I played Q and finally broke the curse and actually hit the 8 ball in to win the game. We finally caught up with Nussbaum and she came and chilled with us some. Then we played see who could bank it off one end and come the closet to the wall without touching it. Then it was Ding and I vs. Q and Adam before we left. It was a good night. Now I should get some sleep since I have to drive to College Station tomorrow. But now...I eat.

Awww, I'm jealous, that sounds like so much fun! -_-'

I miss yooooou...
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