Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I went to play pool with Q, Rose, Ann, and Albert at Slick Willies. I finally got to use my new pool cue. I liked it very much. After pool we went to Tapioca Express and stayed there awhile. Then we didn't know what to do so we visited Lam at gamestop for about an hour. I ended up buying Michael Jordan to the MAX. After gamestop we still didn't know what to do so we went across the street to Borders for and hour and a half or so. There we ran into some old Bellaire people: Lev, Juan, Alina, and Ben. We finally decided to go bowling. I came home to get my bowling ball and shoes and to get Ann some socks. I finally had a good day bowling. Poke met us at Palace and I killed him today. I bowled a 154 and a 184. After bowling I took Rose and Ann back to there car and I met up with Poke and Olivia at Tan Tan. We ate there then went back to Olivia's to watch the documentary Super Size Me. It was very good, except I still want to eat McDonalds. Now I'm back home again and should sleep, but knowing me, I won't.

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