Sunday, December 26, 2004

Let's see...went bowling with Q and it just happened that Poke and Same were there. We bowled a few games then they went back to Austin, while Q and I picked up Alison then met some people at AMC 30 to see Closer. I really have never seen that many people at AMC 30 before. It was a tad bit ridiculous. I took Alison home after the movie and should've gone home myself, but that would mean too much time to myself and too much time to think. That's what depresses me, when I'm in one spot thinking about things, because my mind always comes up with the worst situations. Instead of coming home I roamed the town until getting home around 4:45am. Now I should go to sleep so I can wake up in 6 hours for church. But will I? I doubt it. I think I'll finish watching Anti-Trust and then go to sleep.

Closer was a fucked up movie. But I got some laughs out of it.
My life is fucked up so why not try to get some laughs out of it.

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