Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Marlon came and got me and we went out to get a rental car, but they only had minivans so that ended up being a waste of time. Then we went to pick up a cake from our Aunt's to take to my momma. We did that, then went to take his car to the shop. Dropped it off and headed out to get my momma's remote start fixed. Stopped on the way out there and got freebirds. Got out to the place and they were too busy to fix it then so that was a waste. Now we have to take it back out there tomorrow morning. Went to Hallmark so I could get Monica's check to deposit it. She let Marlon take her car to work so now I can leave town a little earlier. I have a few more things to do then I should be on my way to College Station.

I've seen entirely too many cops out today for my liking. I even held back on running a red light because of that. Hopefully i won't run into any on my trip.

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