Friday, December 24, 2004

We went and picked up Monica then went to the contemporary service at our church. It had snowed during the church service, which was a shock to everyone when we came out. Marlon and I scraped the snow off my grandmothers windows, which of course started a snowball fight. After that we went back to my grandmothers house, took pictures in the snow, ate and then opened presents. Monica had worked all day so I took her home, Marlon went to his apartment, while my momma, Marlene and my grandmother went back for the regular church service. I dropped Rose's card off to her then decided to go join the others at church. I liked the contemporary service better, but it was some good singing at the regular service. Went back to my grandmothers house for dessert and now I'm home.

Why do I still get my hopes up? I should already know by now.

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