Thursday, January 13, 2005

I didn't have anything to do and was still down so I headed to UH to play pool. Overall I had a good day. I mostly played against PJ. I'll admit he's better than me, but not by much. We each went on our runs of games. I had the last laugh, but I killed him that game and talked him into one more and he ended up winning after I screwed myself on one shot. Once I get a decent back spin down then I'll start hustling. I can get it every once in awhile, but not anywhere near consistent. But I did get a better break down tonight. I also improved my stroke, so that's good. Efrain and his girl showed up near the end, haven't seen him much this break.

Now I'm back home and want to go out again to keep my mind off things, but I shall lay here and hopefully eat soon.

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