Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I ended up going back to sleep and not waking up until it was time to go get Monica. Therefore it was pointless for me to wake up and take her in the first place. Oh well, I did that then came home for a little while. I went to starbucks to meet Alison. We played speed and gin and caught up. After that I came home and ate before going to meet some people at Fuddruckers. Then we all went bowling at Dynamic. It was a league night so we ended up waiting awhile to bowl, but we still had fun. We ended up bowling 2 games. Afterwards I took Mandy to Wendy's then back to her car. Then I went to catch up with everyone else at Dings house. We played Cranium and NFL Street. We were there until about 4am. Now I'm back home and not tired. I knew I shouldn't have gone back to sleep.

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