Tuesday, January 04, 2005

i got mcdonalds for breakfast then went over to dings and played ps2. then i went to get my momma's car. came home and ate a little more then took my sisters to pershing so they could use my momma's car and i could use monica's car. after that i picked up ding and we met up with Q at rice to run. surprise surprise, i ran the whole way around. i felt good after that. i was on my way to kinkaid with ding to pick up brian. RIGHT before we get there my car goes dead and won't go anywhere. everytime i shifted it into drive it would stall. Marlon came out and it ran for a little while, but died again. we got it into a gas station and daniel, not poke, met us there. marlon and daniel looked at the car and i learned some. still never figured out exactly what was wrong with it, but after putting some oil in it it ran a lot smoother. it ran all the way to mr. mac's and that's where it will remain for the night. he'll look at it tomorrow and hopefully figure out what's wrong with it. now i'm home and hungry. time for pizza.

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