Thursday, January 20, 2005

I got up and headed off to class. I got my, what seems it'll be usual, cinnamon roll and drink on my way to sociology. The first hour was cool, but the last 15 minutes, I just lost concentration. I wanted to get up and leave because I felt like throwing up and was short of breath. But I made it to the end. As I was passing by Rudder on my way to health and strength training I ran into Al who works at Rudder. I talked with him some and he got me the programs from the bonfire memorial from last semester. I'm surprised that he remembered I wanted them. For health and strength training we were in the weight room today. He just went over all the equipment and said some other stuff. It was pretty boring, but at least we got out early. Now I get to rest in my room for like 25 minutes then it's off to class again.

Damn, I really need to get more sleep, especially on wednesday nights.

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