Saturday, January 22, 2005

I got up today and got ready for the game. I met up with Marlene and Kym for the game. At the game we met up with Brandi and Jeannie. The men's game was good. They had and alright first half, but a very good second half. Marlene, Kym and planned to stay for the women's game so in between games we studied some. The women's game wasn't as good. We started out good in it, but the OU took over and we never really got back in it. After the game it was COLD outside since the wind was blowing hard. We walked to the rec then decided to call for a ride. We called Ofon and he got us from the rec then met up with Clare and ate at Cazodores. It was very good. After we ate we went to drop Marlene off at Lindsay's and spent a little time over there. Now I'll probably go play pool and then maybe watch a movie.

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