Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I had spanish lab today for the first time. At first the TA couldn't get the stuff to work so we wasted time at the beginning. But today the work was just ridiculously easy so I was on facebook the whole time even while listening to the tapes. I ran into Marlene and Heather after spanish lab. I talked with them for awhile then headed to CAEN. I hadn't checked my neo account so I went to the wrong room. I figured I could go to a computer lab and check it, but then I'd be late for sure. Instead I headed to the room that the blonde girl had us go to the other day and luckily for me that's where the class was, so I wasn't late. I started falling asleep in there, but somehow didn't just pass out. I got a hot dog and chips after class to hopefully help me stay awake in Logic. It kind of did, but not really work. I was uncomfortable the whole time and kept moving around in my seat. I couldn't sit still. The material he went over seemed like the same stuff we went over last time so I didn't take that many notes. We got out a little early and I feel like going to sleep, but I know I shouldn't because I need plenty of rest tonight or tomorrow will kick my ass for sure.

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