Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I was laying on my bed about to fall asleep after watching a good game between Rutgers and Syracuse when Clare called Greg saying that she'd go to the rec and play. I told her earlier that I'd go whenever she wanted to, but I didn't think it was going to be tonight. But it was so I had to get up and go. Greg and I met her up there. It was packed so there was no area to practice like we'd hoped. But while we waited for our turn to play we worked with Clare on passing and defense. After that I worked with her on her shooting some. That's when she asked me if I'd ever thought of being a coach. I have and it's still an option, but I don't know. We played our game and I was off. My shot was lined up perfectly, but it kept coming up short. We ended up losing so I just worked with Clare some more on her shot and lay-ups then we left. Clare brought us back to eppright, but her car was running hot so she decided to leave it there awhile. Once again I got to parallel park for someone else. I didn't feel like staying in the room so I went to play pool. I wasn't in that great of a mood so I was off some cuz I was hitting the balls too hard. But oh well. Now I need to read so I don't get behind in sociology.

i think you'd be an amazing coach. you were great when we worked on layups and passing. :] i appreciate your patience. -- rose
I think you would make a fantastic coach. =)
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