Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I woke up and went to the rec with Kym and Clare for hip hop. It was fun as I had expected it to be. I'm glad I signed up for it. We learned 3 8 counts today. One part still throws me off, but I'll go on thursday to fix that. After hip hop I decided to play basketball. I told myself that I'd play one game then I was going to get something to eat since I'd only eaten once. My team ended up winning the first game and of course I decided to play another. The second game was a blowout so it didn't really count, so I stayed. After the third game I was convinced to play until the team lost. The fourth game was close, but we won it. Halfway through the fifth game I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I felt like throwing up. That was it for me. I called for a sub and walked off the court. I caught my breath then went to the other side of the gym, which was basically empty. I coached Kym on her shot. I had to get that damn step out of it. I worked with her for awhile then we went and played horse with Greg. I was off, but I'd rather say I did a damn good job of coaching cuz Kym won the 1st two games and barely lost to Greg in the third game. After horse we played a game of 21 where I won by only shooting three pointers. My last shot to win it was a half court shot. I'm getting pretty good at those. We finally left just before the rec closed at midnight and went to Rumours to eat. On the way back to Eppright we ran into Ofon, Chrystal, and Britney. We ended up talking with them for awhile. Now I wish I had a tub to soak my body in, but I don't so I guess a hot shower will have to do.

Hip hop was a lot of fun. i have to work on the steps though. I have to agree you did a really good job in helping me with my shot. the step wasn't too bad :p jk. but my shot is a lot better. so thank you and dont say no. haha. now i gotta work on beating you at pool. i will do it someday, maybe today. :p
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