Friday, January 28, 2005

Ofon came into the room as I was about to go to sleep and showed off his new phone. That's when I'd had enough of my old phone and decided it was time to do it big. He took me to the t-mobile store and after much consideration I ended up with the Samsung D415. It's NICE. Afterwards we went to Best Buy where I splurged a little more. I finally got me some new speakers, which I've been wanting for awhile now. I also got me a wireless keyboard and mouse and some rechargeable batteries for my digital camera. No more spending for me for awhile.

Glad you are happy with the things that you bought..So you got that slide phone now, huh? Thats GREAT...Rechargeable batteries are cool (lol)..I dunno, Im just crazy right now..Well have fun watchin Friday Night Lights....a 20" pizza, yall are crazy...and thats crazy with a K...Have a great day!!..peace
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