Monday, January 24, 2005

This semester spanish shouldn't be a problem for me. I feel like learning spanish so I've already worked ahead in the workbook. I've gone over the flash cards I've made plenty of times. It's too bad that I have other classes. I'm just not interested in those classes. Therefore I can't make myself study for them yet. I hope that I will be able to, but I don't know. I need to read for Logic, but it's not interesting to me so I put it down. I need to read for succeeding in college, but the class seems like a blow off so I put the reading off until a later date. I need to read for Sociology, but I just don't like how the class name sounds. I think it might be interesting if I get into it, but I haven't given it the chance. I need to read for Geography, but I don't like geography. At least not the geography we're going now. I didn't need to read for spanish yet and I didn't need to do work out of the workbook yet, but I did because I want to learn it and I'm interested in it. Hopefully I'll give my other classes a chance.

It's another school week. Lets go.

Have you decided on another major yet? Have you ever considered majoring in Spanish, since that seems to be the class you will enjoy and its not even that, its a class that you want to work and learn in..You know all jobs out there love to have a bilingual speaker, especially business, for translating and they get paid well too..Even if not a major a minor? Doing either boosts pay...Just a consideration...peace
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