Sunday, March 20, 2005

Even though I was tired I made myself get off my bed and go to the rec to shoot around with Greg and Kym. We got lucky and ended up with a court to ourselves. I was shooting around and couldn't buy a basket, not even a free-throw. Everything was short or to the left. We started playing 21 and I still couldn't hit anything, especially a free-throw. Then I hit one Jordan-like fadeaway and I knew once it went in that I had caught fire. From there on out I was the next Jordan. I stole his fadeaway and once that was dropping that opened the lane wide up. To sum up how hot I was, while we were playing a game of horse I hit a shot from the three-point line on the opposite side of the court. Perfect. In the last game of 21 we played right before the rec closed everybody's legs were dead so all shots were short. I finally got to 19 and once I got the ball back I started a countdown in my head. I took the ball up top and said, "Hey there Byron Russel." I then proceeded to duplicate the game winning shot from the 1998 NBA finals that Jordan hit over Russel. It was a thing of beauty that touch nothing but nylon. I just stood there and posed.

I needed to get back in the gym and I'm very glad that I went tonight. Now I need to make sure I go workout tomorrow.
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