Saturday, March 26, 2005

Finally went to shoot pool with Marlon and Marlene. We played cut throat, but it was basically them vs. me. I still won most of the games though. I came home and wanted to eat, but didn't have time if I wanted to get out. My momma dropped me off over Q's around 6:30pm. We watched some NCAA and NBA basketball. It was some good games on. Watts stopped by for a little while in his Uggs, then Mr. Black made an appearance. After basketball we met up with Greg and Daniel and the Palace. Mandy and Arielle also came a little later. I was off today, but still bowled decently. After bowling with the people I came with I bowled three games against Toni. She was there the last time I went and offered me a chance to bowl with her and Dee then. I didn't that time, but I decided to take on the challenge this time. She beat me the first two games, but I won the third game. She's a lot more consistent than I am, but that's because she bowls almost everyday. Maybe I'll get another rematch if we meet up there tomorrow for some cheap bowling. After the Palace we all went to IHOP. IHOP doesn't split checks though so we decided not to each there. Instead sat in the waiting area trying to think of other places to go. We were thinking outloud and Mandy suggested Denny's, but nobody knew where a Denny's was. Next thing we know the hostess at IHOP is actually telling us where a Denny's is. We thought that was very nice of her so we tipped her for her help. We got to Denny's and all it is is the ghetto IHOP. The tables and floor were sticking. Half of the things that we asked for, they didn't have. We had a lot of good laughs though including a phone call to Mandy's back-up guy. We finished up around 3am and Poke dropped me off. Stupid guy at the gate, but that's another story. I got in and watched the half of the NAACP Image Awards that Marlene taped for me. I would've loved to see the whole show, but I'm glad for the parts that I caught, especially the induction of Oprah into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame. Oprah is just...too amazing to describe with words. Now I need to sleep, but as usual I'm not tired.
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