Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I got sleep last night. The power went out and some point, but came back on around 11am. I actually got up and left my room in time to get food, but I got down to the commons and all the power was still out there so none of the food places were open and neither was the c-store. I went and met up with Marlene and Lindsay since they were in the academic building, which is where my spanish lab is. I hung out with them then got some snacks and went to lab. I spent most of the time on thefacebook along with everybody else in my row. CAEN was easy and we got out early. I almost just came back to my room and skipped logic, but instead I went and ate at Taco Bell then went to logic. Good thing I did, because we're starting proofs and our class is about to get a lot harder.

I hope the Aggies can play a good game tonight, men and women.
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