Friday, March 11, 2005

Monica came and got Marlene and I this morning. I got up and packed, Monica came and got me first. Then we got Marlene and went to look at the house that she's going to live in for the summer and next semester. I got Layne's then we went to McAllister's to eat. I drove back to Houston. felt good to drive again. We unloaded then went to Pershing. After that I took Monica to work then tried to make it to Tapioca House to meet Ding and Kristan. Monica's car doesn't like me though so it decided to start stalling. I got into a gas station and let it cool off then I finally got there and we played our word dojo and of course got the high score once again. Kristan left then Ding and I went to his house. I played Smackdown vs. Raw while he took a quiz. After that we went to Rice to shoot pool. We ended up making our own games up, which was fun. Now I'm back home and will relax until I find something to do tomorrow.
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