Saturday, March 26, 2005

Quentin called me around noon today and asked me if I wanted to go eat with him and his dad at Thelma's. At first, I almost didn't pick up the phone, then I almost didn't go because i really wanted to sleep. But I got up and got ready and they came and picked me up. I'm very glad that I went. They have some GOOOOD barbeque. And somebody in there told us the fish was even better so I'll have to try that the next time I go. After eating we met up with Greg and Ding at the UH rec center. We played I don't know how many 4 on 4 games. It was good for me, even though I had to play in my K-Swiss. At one point my range just became ridiculous. I hit a 3 then took a couple steps back and hit that. I did that two more times and was feeling pretty confident about my shot. That game and the next game I was just on fire. After we finished hooping, Ding took Greg home while Quentin and I did an upperbody push workout. I really need to get more consistent with my workouts. I came home and showered and luckily caught the end of the West Virginia vs. Louisville game. Louisville was down 20 at one point, but came back and one in overtime. It was a good ending and I'm glad Louisville won. Now i'll rest up for a little while then go out to eat with some people.
Aww, I felt so bad for WVU. They played so hard to get where they did (their first game was amazing!) and Gansey gave so much, and Herber just has a funny name and looks like a nice guy (AIRBEAR hahaha)... But yah, those games were all pretty awesome. YAY for NCAA. (Even if this year's bracket makes little to no sense!)
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