Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This loss today provided me with so much more motivation. We lost because I didn't have the endurance to play the whole game. I came out in the first half and we were down 2. We went down by 14 and were down 12 when I came back in. I led us on a 15-6 run to end the half but took a hard fall to end the half that knocked the wind out of me. I took a couple hard falls tonight, but that's no excuse. We kept it close the second half, but whenever I came out in the 2nd half the other teams guard blew by whoever was guarding him. He only had 1 point against me, but like I said before, I didn't have the endurance to play the whole game. This loss hurt in a different way than losses usually do for me.

After the game I did a basic leg workout to keep up with my schedule. Now I need to eat and read. This could be along night.

Random thing: On my way walking back from the rec I noticed a cookie on the ground. Then another cookie. Pretty soon I realized that it was a trail of cookies. In all I counted about 15 cookies. Too bad the trail just ended and didn't really lead anywhere.
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