Friday, March 04, 2005

Today started out bad for me and I didn't think today was going to bring any good. Watching Oprah helped some. Tyler Perry, Shemar Moore, and Kimberly Elise were on. Afterwards Ofon took me to Academy. I was looking for some new pool supplies. I ended up getting me a new pool cue. And since I got a new pool cue I had to get me a new case. Then I went on and got me a a glove, some chalk, some new tips for my old pool cue, a tip shaper and I think that's it. I came back and put a new tip on my old cue then went to try out my new cue. Constance and Kym came down and shot around with me. I like my new cue. I ended my last game with two nice bank shots. It was a good way to go out.

I went and got two hamburgers. I don't know why I always get two. I should really work on that. I went to Kym's room to eat and watch Meet The Fockers with her, Constance, and Jeannie. Now I'm not sure if I should watch another movie or just sleep.
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