Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tonight I went to the movies with Alison and finally saw Hitch. Excellent movie. Afterwards I dropped her off then went over to Pujan's to watch the Rockets game. They should've won easily, but they barely escaped with the win. I ended up eating over there and we had a good talk. It's a shame that we don't talk as much while at college anymore. I'll have to do something about that. I left his place and went over to Olivia's and watched Shrek 2 with her and Kym. Now I'm back home and need sleep since I have to be up early again in the morning.
!! I'm jealous! I want to see Hitch! And I want to see Shrek 2 again, that's totally one of my favorite movies to watch! -_-' I wish I were home wit y'all.
Hey, seen your blog a while a go from your site. You update loads!!
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