Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yesterday Marlene and I went to help my grandmother pick out a new monitor for her computer from Micro Center. I got lucky and my grandmother ended up buying me some blank cds and The Incredibles dvd. Then we went to Central Market and got food. After we set her monitor up and got back home Marlon came to get us to go shooting. Bree went with us and we met up with Jaime there. Near the end I found out how to get rid of the anticipation of the kickback. That makes your shot a LOT more accurate. Jaime had this little .22 that you would think was a toy, but it had a little power in it. Afterwards we went to T.G.I.Fridays. We almost got up and walked out because the menu choices weren't that good, but we ended up eating there. I was starving and was done with my burger and fries before anybody else was done with half of their meal. Then I wasn't going to eat dessert, but I ended up eating half of Marlon's. I got home and left again to go to the movies with Kym and Olivia then went back to Olivia's to watch The Italian Job. I shouldn't watch movies with that kind of driving in it before I have to drive because then I want to drive like that. I really want a stick shift. I got home and stayed up longer because I knew I didn't have to wake up early for a change.

Today I slept in until 2pm. I got up and ate then went to shoot pool. Afterwards I met up with Sammie to eat at IHOP. It's been a very relaxing day so far.
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