Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I can't stand it how certain little things still bug the hell out of me. It's driving me crazy right now and I've lost all concentration. I went to the rec to try to relieve some stress, but I couldn't focus there so I couldn't get those extra lifts in when I started to fatigue. And all that did was frustrate me even more so I just cut my workout short and left. Somehow I have to get my focus back so I can finish studying for my strength training test and work some more on my spanish composition. Plus I still have stuff to do on my schedule. I've forgotten all about my logic homework that I need to do. It seems the more I try, the more stuff I have to do. I can't take this right now.
maybe don't think about the whole. do one thing at a time. that's usually how i end up tackling my shit and getting through it all.
Bob Marley : "Everything is Gonna be Alright"
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